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Welcome to the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers, Baltimore Chapter Website, We're recruiting new members

 We would like to welcome you to the Official Website of the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Baltimore Chapter Motorcycle Clan .  We are a bunch of fellows that are old school.  Lets face it were just old.  We do however, try to blend that old school tradition with a 21st century biker lifestyle. 

We are not a 1% Motorcycle Club, we are a "Motorcycle Clan" which is more than a Riding Club. We wear a Side Rocker that says "Motorcycle Clan" instead of the RC Cube. We are a One Patch Clan, we claim no Territory and are Neutral as far as supporting any Motorcycle Clubs. We are Family Oriented and Traditional Values and Riding is what we are about. So, if you would like to join our Motorcycle Clan we are actively seeking new members. Fill out our Application and submit it to us. If you live within 50 miles of the zip code 21220 and want to be a member in Maryland you must join the Baltimore Chapter. After being voted in you are automatically a member at the National Level also. If you live outside of the 50 miles you must join at the National Level, unless you want to join the Baltimore Chapter. There are no Nomads within the 50 mile Radius allowed.

Wrongway, Pres. BOOBS Baltimore Chapter 



BOOBS Principles

1.   Fun!

2.   Respect To All Riders In The Wind!

3.   Promote Brotherhood, Sisterhood & Commaraderie!

4.   True belief in Old School Traditions & 21st Century Values Including Family!

5.   Promote Diversity In Bikes & Members!

6.   Support The Biker Community!

7.   Promote Goodwill By Serving Our Communities!

8.   Promote Saftey By Example!

9.   Share Our Love For Being In The Wind!

10. Strive Toward A Better Biker Image!